Monday Motivator: The Artist’s Contribution in a Troubled World

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“Art is about more than the creation of beauty; it demonstrates an enthusiasm for life, which is contagious.

“Spreading some of that enthusiasm around is the artist’s contribution to the world.”

— Artist Christopher Gallego, interview on Painting Perceptions by Larry Groff, 1 November 2012

I’ve encountered artists and makers who go on and on and on about how hard it all is: how hard they work, how hard they struggle to find inspiration, how hard it is to get the results they want, how hard [insert words here].

It’s frequently left me wanting to say “then why are you still doing it?”.

Though I don’t, because that wouldn’t be constructive would it now (not that inanely muttering something vague and unconfrontational is truly helpful either). We all have such thoughts, but if it’s your dominant frame of mind then you’re doing something wrong.

Overall, it should be fun, enjoyable, motivating, stimulating, and you should be enthusiastic about it all.

That’s not the same as it being easy or easily achievable. Or fun in every single moment.

Thrive on the challenge, and strive for enjoyment.

Be enthusiastic about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Or spend time figuring out why it’s not something you’re enthusiastic about. Or do something else.

Looking through Barbara Hepworth "Corinthos".

It’s a journey, with a painting at the end. It should be fun.

Looking through Barbara Hepworth "Corinthos".

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: The Artist’s Contribution in a Troubled World”

  1. Making art seems to be like mountain climbing (which, trust me, I would NEVER do!) It can be a struggle, climbing treacherous walls of stone and ice, or it can just as easily slip into a stroll thru the meadow leading up to yet another perilous peak. Both are part of the expedition. The hard parts of the journey are still something the climber craves – it might not be ‘fun’ or ‘enjoyable,’ but it’s what the climber needs to feel fulfilled.

    So, yeah, it’s rough – but you chose the path. Pull up yer big girl panties and ‘quit yer b!tchin’. Some folks like being the drama queen or the ‘put upon martyr.’

    1. Well said Penny! I so agree, the hard part is what makes it worth doing (in the end, doesn’t always feel so in the midst of it).

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