Monday Motivator: The Gap Between Anything and Nothing

“The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act. … And once they’ve done it, they can do it again, and they could work on getting it better. 

“There is a spectrum between mediocre work and good work, and as anybody who’s worked as an artist or a creator knows, it’s a spectrum you’re constantly struggling to get on top of. The gap is between doing anything and doing nothing.”

Clay Shirky, How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World, TED June 2010

Your very worst painting is more of a painting than the brilliant one you’re still thinking of doing.

Higham Hall Workshop: Sunset painting
This painting was done by a participant of one of my Higham Hall workshops, using of one of my reference photos as inspiration. (And I still love this painting C., and still haven’t tackled my own version!)

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