Monday Motivator: The Most Important Thing to Learn About Painting

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“…when it comes to painting, I think the most important thing is learning to see shapes instead of objects. …one color next to another, in order to create the illusion of three dimensional objects and space. Shapes of color are the only tool we have.

“…In ordinary life our brains mostly bypass the mechanism of ?seeing? and take us directly to the conclusion. That means we think we see objects…

“…a painter must learn to see the world before naming; to see the abstract world of color and shape.”

Maggie Siner

Easier said than done, certainly. But small steps and plenty of practice will get you there. The painting equivalent of learning musical scales. You start with C-major and gradually add another and another — and never stop practicing. Some will always be easier than others, but what you enjoy most is what you should explore.

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