Monday Motivator: The Myth of the Perfect Time

“Being able to restart yourself after interruptions will increase the amount of time, and the situations, in your life when you can work creatively. … To overcome the obstacle of the belief in the perfect time and place to work creatively you need to develop the attitude and mental resources (through practice) that allow you to work anywhere at any time. … you will find yourself in situations where you notice things that are new to you, or notice something special about a situation you never realized before.”

Roz “Another Potential Journaling Hiccup

Note the words “through practice“. It won’t happen magically, you have to keep trying and trying again for it to become easier. Like being able to concentrate in an open plan office, or driving on a motorway, or moving through a crowded station without bumping into anyone.

Practice makes perfect in art
Practice makes perfect, or so we can hope!

One Reply to “Monday Motivator: The Myth of the Perfect Time”

  1. Glad you mentioned the “working in an open office.” Back in the day, I worked in technology with constant interruptions and noise from an open office. That practice gave me the ability to work anywhere and recover quickly after interruptions. We don’t need to wait for studio time to practice.
    Thanks for your Monday notes. They’re always thought provoking.

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