Monday Motivator: The Paint Becomes the Weather

[Joan] Eardley, the high priestess of bad weather, was drawn to rough seas … her broad urgent handling fashions an equivalent for what she has seen: the paint becomes the weather.

“… The paint is often wildly applied but controlled, its energy corralled into offering an equivalent to the thing seen.

” … Her work is courageously non-naturalistic and yet firmly anchored in her experience of elemental nature, its harshness and power.”

Andrew Lambert, in “Jeremy Gardiner: South by Southwest“, page 26

Paint can be calm weather too, of course, though perhaps stormy weather is easier to imagine in terms of brushstrokes and piling on paint thickly. But a gentle breeze tickling leaves could be little flicks of paint created by running the very tip of a rigger through still-wet paint.

Joan Eardley Paintings in McManus Museum, Dundee

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