Monday Motivator: The Split Between Drawing and Writing

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote“…what happens at about the age of 5, when people enter the school system, is that drawing and writing become split. That’s when there’s some idea that those two things need to be moved away from each other. Even to the point, you know, where we start looking at books that have more words than pictures.”
— Lynda Barry. Drawing ‘Has To Come Out Of Your Body’

Use words in your sketchbook. Bring back the  integration of words and pictures that’s so enjoyable in illustrated books, comics, graphic novels. Don’t believe that sketchbooks are for images only.

Sometimes I mostly use words. It doesn’t turn my sketchbook into a diary, it just means I was in a words mood not a drawing mood.

Sketchbook page from river at Uig, Skye

Talisker Bay Skye

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