Monday Motivator: The Two R’s of Making

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“‘Repetition’ is about chasing something again, whereas ‘reproduction’ is about leading something forth again.

“In the former you’re always going after some unachievable idea: the resulting ‘things’ only approximating that ideal. Reproducing implies bringing out the identical thing again and again.

“… As an artist I’m attempting to use [pottery and calligraphy] to point out the sublime joy of ever deeper interaction with the earthy world precisely by never being able nor willing to make the same thing twice.”

Tom Kemp

Repetition, not reproduction. Working in a series, chasing an idea, chasing the “what if?”.

Using painting techniques that embrace “happy accidents” as an key element means you can’t do identical no matter how hard or long you try. Similar, yes, in terms of composition and colour. Identical, no, because drips and blended-together colour-runs are serendipitous. That lack of absolute control is what makes it so much fun.

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