Monday Motivator: The Value of a Messy Sketchbook

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote “…the vernacular of the sketchbook is the unintended, the improvised, the hasty, the un-fussy — the value of all that matures nicely and richly rewards looking back.

“…The more intimately you treat your sketchbook and the more uninhibited you are within it, the more value it will offer you. Accept that it will look very weird to spies.
Christopher Butler, on Twitter 15 Aug 19

A sketchbook is a repository, a thoughts/ideas/words/drawings bank. But not a dictionary, all the information lined up alphabetically in neat columns. It’s a reflection of life in all its influences, uncertainties, unclarifiable messy chaos.

People can ask to see it. You can offer it to others to page through. But you are not responsible for what others get from looking at it and don’t have to justify nor explain it.

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