Monday Motivator: Toil

Art motivational quote“I tell myself that anyone who says he has finished a canvas is terribly arrogant. Finished means complete, perfect, and I toil away without making any progress, searching, fumbling around, without achieving anything much.” — Monet, 1893
(Quoted in Painting Outside the Lines by David W Galenson, p49

It can be terribly demotivating when you feel like you’re constantly struggling to create satisfying paintings while those around you seem to have it come easily. But are you seeing the artist’s process and progress, or looking only at the end results? The few selected pieces the artist shows the world are not the full story, they don’t tell you how many paintings were never finished, how many hours were spent pondering a pristine canvas. Doubts and fears are part of the process; reconcile yourself to this, then use them as motivation to keep pursuing the impossible.

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Toil”

  1. That’s really my story. I struggle and effort me relentlessly to try it, until my arms hurt, and I see that others around me do it with easily. Sometimes I think that I am not fit for this passion of watercolor, but something inside me don’t let me stop. Thank you Marion your motivator and share your knowledges so wisely. I feel very helped. Respectfully Mercedes

    1. You will find your way with watercolour Mercedes because passion and determination are what it takes and you’ve got those! Always remember, the tortoise won the race not the hare.

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