Monday Motivator: Uncertainty and the Search for Knowledge

“I believe that one of the greatest mistakes made by human beings is to want certainties when trying to understand something. The search for knowledge is not nourished by certainty: it is nourished by a radical absence of certainty.

“Thanks to the acute awareness of our ignorance, we are open to doubt and can continue to learn and to learn better. This has always been the strength of scientific thinking—thinking born of curiosity, revolt, change.”

Theoretical Physicist Carlo Rovelli, “Helgoland: Making Sense of the Quantum Revolution” (via Austin Kleon)

It may feel that knowing what the outcome will be before putting brush to paint to paper is the way to success, but it’s also the road to inhibition (hesitation in case you do it wrong), self-doubt (when you don’t get what you expected) and fear (of even trying).

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