Monday Motivator: Use Paint to Evoke

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“It’s easy to make a painting look like paint. But it’s a lifelong challenge to use paint to evoke the chill of autumn or the smell of a rose.”
— James Gurney, Pitfalls of Virtuosity, 3 January 2008

If you’re reading this and thinking you’ve left it a bit late if it’s going to take a lifetime, turn that thought on its head: even if you’d started earlier it still wouldn’t have been long enough.

So just get on with painting and enjoy yourself.

2 Replies to “Monday Motivator: Use Paint to Evoke”

    1. Two options: embrace the flatness (look at Matisse’s paintings) or do a bit of deliberate study and analysis of tone. Depth comes with tone, and also making distant colours bluer (cooler). Darken foreground and lighten distant, overexaggerate even, and remember some acrylics do dry darker too.
      Have a look at the paintings of Michael Chelsey Johnson who uses warm/cool colours for fabulous sense of distance in landscape.
      Have fun!

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