Monday Motivator: Value the Slow in the Age of Speed

Monday Motivator Motivation Quote

“Today’s cult of convenience fails to acknowledge that difficulty is a constitutive feature of human experience. Convenience is all destination and no journey.

“But climbing a mountain is different from taking the tram to the top, even if you end up at the same place. We are becoming people who care mainly or only about outcomes. We are at risk of making most of our life experiences a series of trolley rides.”
— Tim Wu The Tyranny of Convenience, (NY Times Opinion 16 February 2018)

Being impatient for results we feel we ought to produce denies us the journey of getting there.

A painting driven by process, by the doing, is a different creature to one driven by having a finished product.

If instant gratification is what you need, stick to photography for now, where you can get a “finished photo”* in seconds.

(*Not the same as an award-winning shot.)

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    1. Thank you Jim! I have always loved it myself, but also remember it was a chance shot when I turned around for a moment when I was walking on a path to check the weather behind me!

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