Monday Motivator: We Learn Courage From Art

Monday Motivator Inspirational Art Quote

“We come to know in art work that we do not clearly know where we will arrive in our work, although we set the compass, our vision; that we are led, in going along, by material and work process. We have plans and blueprints, but the finished work is still a surprise.

“We learn to listen to voices: to the yes or no of our material, our tools, our time. We come to know that only when we feel guided by them our work takes on form and meaning, that we are misled when we follow only our will. …

“We learn courage from art work … we are responsible for our actions. … We learn to dare to make a choice, to be independent … any decision is our own .”

Anni Albers, “One Aspect of Art Work“, Design, 46:4. December12, 1944

That very first pencil mark or brush stroke, that’s an act of courage, of hope for what will come, of belief in yourself, even as it’s surrounded by doubt.

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