Monday Motivator: What Green is Green?

Monday motivator art quotes

“…what we consider knowledge is more of a general social agreement on a somewhat consistent comprehension of the things before us. For example, we appreciate that the color green can be perceived differently by various people, but we organize our language based on a general understanding of the color green without worrying about the particular experience of green that any individual may have.”
— Farnham Street, “Epistemology: How do You Know that You Know what You Know?

What green do you consider your core green? For me it’s not a tube green but a mix of cadmium yellow with whatever blue I’ve been using (and I’m more likely to have used blue before I get to green when I’m painting with acrylics).

And one of my favourite colour questions: is turquoise a green or is it a blue? The in-house art critic says green, I say blue; we’ve agreed to disagree.

Vivid green seaweed

5 Replies to “Monday Motivator: What Green is Green?”

  1. Green is an extra ordinary colour because, it is what ever you like to make it provided you observe the basic blue and yellow mix. But what happens when you add a touch of red???? Not too much mind you. What colour green do you make that?

  2. I think some shades of turquois are green and some blue, but turquoise is turquoise…

  3. I was reading up on why are colours named as they are. Why is the colour of the sky not called green? Found it on the web.

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