Monday Motivator: What It Might Become

“As artists, isn’t it always the anticipation of what we might achieve that moves us forward?

“With every painting or every creative project we begin, there is a dream of what it might become.

“We step into each effort with only that, and a handful of materials. We create without ever knowing what will transpire, but our hopes for each piece keep us growing and changing.

“It’s our ability to risk the unknown, to follow an idea, to anticipate an outcome, that will always set our trajectories and keep us on our own unique paths.”

Lyn Asselta, Saturdays at the Cove 12 Feb 2022

Disappointment happens when the gap between what we hope for and what we achieve is bigger than we think we can leap across. The answer lies not in learning to leap further, but to build ourselves a bridge, bit by bit.

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