Monday Motivator: Whatever the Reason

Monday motivator art quotes

“Whatever crazy, impractical, nonsensical reason there is for you to be an artist, consider the alternative. To paraphrase Robert Henri*–you can’t get rid of the part of you that yearns to be an artist, any more than you can get rid of your shadow. Embrace it.”

Robert Hunt, “Big questions. No Answers“, on Muddy Colors 8 April 2020

[*Robert Henri, 1865–1929, was an American artist and art tutor, whose teachings were collated in “The Art Spirit” first published in 1923 and still in print. And, yes, I have a copy.]

Some days our shadows are strong, other days we don’t have one. Sometimes it’s short, other times it stretches out far taller than we are.

Coral Beach sketching Isle of Skye

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