More Photos: March Word Prompt Charts (Including Mine)

A few more photos of completely March word prompt charts, to inspire and encourage you into picking up a pencil to do April’s chart. The aim is “more days than not” and, even if you spend a morning at the end of the month filling in the gaps (as I did), it still counts because ultimately the aim is to be drawing.

From Tessa, who said: “I missed a few days in the second half of the month but enjoyed catching up. I have used a mix of watercolour, coloured pencils, ink pens, my trusty white Posca pen and kids coloured markers.” Love the studio cat getting in on the action too Tessa!
Word Prompts chart March by Tessa

From Margaret, who said: “Here’s my efforts for March although I do have to admit to doing a few days together knowing that towards the end of the month I was going to be busy. I’m enjoying the challenge of thinking up pictures for the descriptive words – e.g. pointy.
Word Prompts chart March by Margaret

From Gail: “So much fun!
Word Prompts chart March by Gail

From Vanessa: “I really enjoyed doing these drawings. Some came quite easy others were a bit of a struggle. Cheers for this fantastic challenge.
Word Prompts chart March by Vanessa

From Jerry: “This was fun — I had to do a little catch-up!
Word Prompts chart March by Jerry

Here’s mine. I did the first 10 days of the month daily, but then it got neglected and I did the rest on Sunday (I know, I know, that was April already, but being April Fools I say it still counts) using a HB pencil and watercolour.
Word Prompts chart March by Marion 2

I wished I had my coloured pencils with me or a better watercolour brush, because the waterbrush I did have no longer has a good tip to it. It’s not as considered nor detailed nor careful nor [add another critical word] as I’d like, but fuelled by coffee and cake, I did get something into every block.

Block 28 Picnic was intended to be a checked picnic blanket, but ended up a grassy-muddy mess as I didn’t wait long enough for the first paint to dry. The red splodge on 23 Pointy came from when I did 16 Red and White, and then I couldn’t think past cutting a finger on the sharp point of a knife, so that’s why both 23 and 24 are knives. Overall I’d rate it as “a few points for effort but needs a lot more work if you’re going to lead by example”.

Word Prompts chart March by Marion

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  1. I enjoy looking at everyone’s drawings and the different interpretations of some of the words. Mmm coffee and cake, a good plan.
    Thanks Marion.

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