My One Resolution for 2021

I’ve one resolution for 2021:

Be gentler with myself

It comes with a list of corollaries to reinforce it, to remind and motivate me, such as:

  • Reading isn’t “doing nothing” nor “being lazy”.
  • Resting is doing something.
  • Just because I have my sketchbook with me doesn’t mean I have to use it; I may simply sit and watch the waves.
  • Paintings are never as bad as I think when I’m tired.

There will be days when I do little, days when I do lots, and days when I do “nothing”. I will not be committing to any of the “31 days of” challenges, nor the ones that are only a fortnight, nor any of the pandemic productivity prompts because I don’t need the pressure and I have more than enough to keep me going, not least my own monthly projects.

My aim remains to be in my studio (or on location painting when temperatures get back into double figures) more days than not, but I will not be ticking them off on a calendar. I will live in today with the in-house art critic, taking each as it comes, not wishing for yesterday or anticipating tomorrow’s fears. Now pass the Payne’s grey ink…

2 Replies to “My One Resolution for 2021”

  1. Thanks Marion! My goals are much the same. I woke up this New Year’s Day 2021 and went outside in my nightgown, robe and slippers to look at the full moon between the branches of big trees. Did I mention it is below freezing? Haha. Made coming into the warm house and smell of coffee all that much better. May this year be full of good surprises for everyone! 😊

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