My Pocket Museum of Happiness

On Christmas Eve in 2018 I wrote a Monday Motivator blog with a quote from the poem Happiness by Stuart Paterson, adding a thought about having a small sketchbook as a pocket Museum of Happiness.

Motivational quotes for artists Museum of Happiness

Pocket Museum of Happiness notebook The next day, Christmas, the in-house art critic surprised me with a Moleskine notebook with a red herringbone fabric cover. It’s tremendously tactile, asking to be held. I knew it had to be my “Pocket Museum of Happiness”.

On the first page, I wrote out the poem.

Pocket Museum of Happiness notebook

On subsequent pages I’ve copied down positive comments and messages I’ve had about my art, writing and teaching. It’s helped me through the dark days of winter, reminding and motivating me during low moments, and again now in the days of covid19 lockdown. I may not be able to carry it with me ” to pitch beside the sea, in a field or by that river” right now, but it’ll help carry me until we are once again able to do so. My thanks to everyone who’s (unknowingly) made it into my pocket museum.

Pocket Museum of Happiness notebook

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  1. Love this… thanks for sharing… I have tons of books with my scribblings in them! :)

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