Never Make Promises to a New Brush

New Paint Brushes for StudioFaced with a pristine brush, I try not to promise it I shall never use it to scrub at a surface until it is old and worn, nor mix heaps of paint with it and clog up its hairs, nor leave it standing on its head soaking in water, and to wash it clean not merely rinse it. Midst painting such good intentions get neglected; the only one I really keep is to wash it when I’ve finished for the day.

In the photo: a small flat brush, two riggers, and a sword brush, all with long handles, from Rosemary & Co, that Santa dropped off early to help me the foxgloves commission I’ve to finish before Christmas. Working with a short-handled rigger or sword brush on a metre-wide canvas means I too easily get too caught up in the small section, whereas the longer handle will mean I can stand a bit further away and dance the brush across the whole surface more easily. Rather a different scale of mark-making to the daisies I’ve been painting the last few days!

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