New Minch Seascape: Storm Warning

Inspired by this winter’s storms and the non-arrival of spring. The paint is still drying in places where it’s particularly thick, so to remove the temptation of poking at it (“Are you dry yet…?!“) it’s now propped on the bookshelves in the in-house art critic’s office.

Minch Seascape Painting: Storm Warming
“Storm Warning”
Acrylic on canvas

Detail from Storm Warning painting

One Reply to “New Minch Seascape: Storm Warning”

  1. Very good, I like the color. Hear the roar and feel the spray. Back in the early 50’s in the middle of the Pacific on our way to Korea we got hit by a great storm. Flipped us every which way around. Ah! but after we were treated to a beautiful double rainbow.

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