New Painting: Lambing Snow Showers Seascape

This new seascape painting is headed to Skyeworks Gallery this morning. It’s inspired, as many of my painting are, by the changing light over the Minch, this time the dance of late snow showers blowing in from the north. Known as lambing snow, because it comes after some lambs have already been born (though hereabouts most crofters lamb late to avoid it). Ne’er cast a clout till May be out and all that.

Moods of the Minch: Lambing Snow Showers Painting
Moods of the Minch: Lambing Snow Shower. 140x70cm (diptych, two panels of 70x70cm each). ?695. At Skyeworks Gallery
Detail from Lambing Snow Seascape
A detail, showing the layers.

It’s done as a diptych, two 70x70cm canvases making it 140x70cm. This makes transporting it (and shipping if needed) so much easier. But also varnishing! Disadvantage is there’s more edge to paint.

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