New Sheep Painting: Picnic at Talisker Bay

If I were to use art jargon, I’d says something like “this painting is informed by my repeated location work based around Talisker Bay“. What I’d mean was “this painting was created in my studio, based on the sketching I’ve done at Talisker Bay and all the sitting staring at the waves”. Given that we’ve had sunny weather all week, for once it can’t be said that I’ve “added sunshine” to the painting.

“Picnic at Talisker Bay”. 100x100cm.

I now need to do the essential but boring “admin” bits to this painting — the edges, the varnishing, the really good photograph (not just a snap on my phone) and the wire to hang it. But it’s sunny again, so maybe not today.

4 Replies to “New Sheep Painting: Picnic at Talisker Bay”

  1. I love the colors and the alert stances of the sheep! They look inquisitive and curious like sheep do. ? ? ? ?

    1. Thanks Lynn! At the moment because of the young lambs, when you walk past ewes they stare at you particularly watchfully!

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