New Sheep Painting: Waiting for Summer

It’s been unusually cold and wet this year, with summer failing slow to arrive, which has led me to calling this new sheep painting “Waiting for Summer“.

It was in “pondering mode” for a few days as I decided whether to add “white horses” to the sea or not, and if so how much. There’s a lot of texture in the sea and foreground, created with texture paste applied as I finalized the composition, and I ended up drybrushing over a lot of this with white, so only the tops of the ridges have white on them. (Drybrushing = very little paint of a brush, dragged gently across the surface.)

Here’s the painting as it was in “pondering mode”:

Painting in Progress: First Sheep Painting in New Studio Skye Scotland
Size: 100x100cm

Here’s a detail after I’d added the final layer of white:
Detail of Texture "Waiting for Summer" sheep painting

Here’s the finished painting, which is going to Skyeworks Gallery today:

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