No Message in the Bottle

I squelched along? a post-double-storm soggy Uig beach yesterday afternoon and found a small sealed bottle, No message inside. (Unless the water is meant to tell me something.)

No Message in the Bottle on Skye No Message in the Bottle on Skye

3 Replies to “No Message in the Bottle”

  1. Ah Yes, Small squarish glass with a screw soft metal top. Clear glass- moulded. Not necessarily english and no fingerprints.
    My suggestion would be a sauce bottle either brown sauce or tomato ketchup – unless, unless, it could be syrup of figs!!!!!!!
    Be careful, very very careful.

  2. There is something magical about messages in bottles. I love the idea that I should ever find one. Keep looking marion…I’m sure that you will find one!

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