Painting Project: A Seatown Called Crovie

This painting project has sea blues and landscape greens, patterns and architecture. It’s a view of a tiny village hugging the coast called Crovie, taken from the viewing spot on the hillside above it. You can walk from this village along a path at the edge of the sea to Gardenstown.

It offers quite a few composition choices:

  • Include the road or not, likewise the straight lines of the seawall providing a little shelter for boats, and the bright yellow van
  • Meticulously count and plot out the houses, or convey a sense of these and the pattern of shapes and colours
  • Should the headland tip be in the middle of the composition as in the photo, which theoretically divides a composition in half, or further across either left or right?
  • Is the cloud in the distance a distraction from the foreground, or does it add a sense of distance?
  • Do the few bits of rock emerging from the sea add to the sense of location and story, or look like random dark bits that confuse the eye?

I can see this as a richly coloured painting done in acrylics or oils, or with layers of transparent watercolour, or pastels. But equally done in ink in black and white only, or ink pen with some loosely painted watercolour. The prominent ripples in the sea lend itself to texture paste or collage with some tissue paper. I suggest picking your favourite medium and letting your enjoyment of this feed into your painting. And for a second painting, picking something you work with less often.

As always with my monthly painting projects, do email me a photo to share in the project photo gallery. And if you’d like help with your painting as you’re working on it or feedback when it’s done, this is available to project subscribers via Patreon (details here).

Happy painting!

At sea level in Crovie

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