On My Easel & Just Off It

Waiting for it to get light enough to go into my studio (which has natural light only) I resized some progress photos of a sheep painting I’m working on and put them together in this animated sequence . The in-house art critic says it’s got a “Van Gogh Moon”; my thought is “Van Gogh-twisted tartan sky”. Quite where it will end up I don’t know yet, but I suspect not too far off where it is at the moment. First thing I’ll do is re-establish the faces, then decide where or what or if.

Painting in Progress: Big Moon Sheep
Painting in progress. Size 80x60cm

Fresh off my easel is the “Passing Places” painting below, which is rather more serene .

Sheep Painting: Passing Place by Isle of Skye Scotland artist Marion Boddy-Evans
“Passing Place”. 80x60cm

And, no, there’s no intended symbolism between the two paintings about the emotional turmoil large family gatherings that tend to occur in this part of the year can bring.

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  1. Thanks…the comment about the family made me laugh I love these sheep in all their variations. The moon is an awesome development. Happy Friday!

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