On My Easel on a Sunday Morning

This is what will be facing me when I head into my studio later, after a leisurely Sunday morning start: a small canvas with texture paste mixed with magenta, that will become a member of my flock of sheep paintings. Don’t know what the background will be yet, whether it’ll have a single-colour background or “weather”; it’s something I’ll decide when I get painting. In the one from earlier this week (photo at the bottom) the weather was sun-showers (read: wet but bright). Ideally I leave my studio at the end of a session with something ready for ‘next time’ as it makes it harder to procrastinate; not that it always works, of course.

Blank Magenta Canvas on My Easel

Small Sheep Painting Raining by Marion Boddy-Evans

2 Replies to “On My Easel on a Sunday Morning”

  1. Dear Marion,
    I enjoy you email posts and have since I discovered you on About.com several years ago. Your sheep are great and I really like your forests. I just wanted to let you know how uplifting your posts are. I live in northern Nevada and new in a group which goes to the parks to sell art on some weekends. I have always loved art and painted. I started painting tiny mini art, because of space, but now I like it! Everything from 2″ x 2″ up to 6 inch square for now. I got tiny frames 5 inches high for the little ones.
    Thank you!
    Bonnie B

    1. Thank you! Small sizes are great to paint — as you know — and have different challenges to big paintings. Enjoy the new group and selling weekends; I find it fascinating seeing which paintings people respond too, and often they ignore my personal favourite!

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