Painting-in-Progress: Daisies & Foxgloves

I’m at that anxiety-inducing “don’t mess it up now” stage of a large flower-painting, where things are going well and it still needs a few more rounds to refine things but not be overworked or something “wrong” done. The desire to “get it right” is exacerbated by it being a large painting (120x60cm) and a commission. It’s tempting to pick up a tiny brush and get pernickity, but I do know from past experience this isn’t the solution that works for me. The route I need to take is to do it in stages, leaving it to dry thoroughly so that if the latest layer/round goes wrong I can simply wipe it off. These work-in-progress photos were taken after I downed brushes last night. I won’t paint on it today, but will leave it in pondering mode while I do other things. Partly to enjoy what I’ve done so far, partly to consolidate my thoughts on what I will do next, and partly as an incentive to get the admin done.

Update: See finished painting

Flower painting in progress
Flower painting in progress, size 120x60cm, acrylic on canvas

Detail: Flower painting in progress Boddy-Evans

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