Painting-in-Progress: Kilt Rock

I’ve been asked a few times whether the painting in my Edges Exhibition poster is of Kilt Rock. It’s not, it’s a detail from “Edge of Skye”, but it made me think it’s a subject that does belong with my edges theme, so I’ve started painting it. These four photos show my progress. Next step will be adding the waterfall. But it won’t be finished for Monday’s exhibition opening.

Painting Work in Progress: Kilt Rock


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  1. Marion, I have always enjoyed your work. I didn’t want to lose contact with you when you left so I am very glad we haven’t. You have always been such a valuable source of truthful, reliable advice, and I have always recommended you to the students I have taught. My studio is at home, and I live in a rural area out side of. Prescott, Ontario. The exhibit possibilities are small, and the art buying public …..oh well. There are a lot of us, who paint in the area, and many art groups, etc. However, I. Am not daunted. I HAVE to paint. On Saturday, I will attend a ceremony honouring my teacher and Mentor, Henry Vfvinkel, from St. Lawrence College in Brockville Ont. The artist and teacher I am is thanks to him. So I have had lots of inspiration , from him, several other teachers, and you as well. Thank you so much. I will paint til I drop, and what has been given to me, I will pass on.

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