Painting-in-Progress Photos: Uig Bay Seascape in Greys

So that day with the beautiful light on the sea at Uig has taken me on this seascape-painting journey in my studio (working on a 100x100cm canvas). I don’t yet know where it’ll ultimately end up; the last photo is where I left it yesterday to dry. Colours: Payne’s grey, lemon yellow, red earth and Prussian blue acrylic inks, plus titanium white acrylic paint.

Starting point, ‘drawing’ with Payne’s grey acrylic ink.
seascape painting work in progress 1

seascape painting work in progress

Spraying the surface with water, letting the Payne’s grey spread and showing its blueness. I did this with the canvas turned 90 degrees.seascape painting work in progress 3

Adding some lemon yellow, and then red earth..seascape painting work in progress 4

Adding titanium white.seascape painting work in progress

The point at which I decided to take out the pier because I was irritating myself trying to paint around it. I might put it back later.seascape painting work in progress

More layers, more drips.seascape painting work in progress

Brushing across the sea to mix splattered-on colours, probably coming? down too low into still-wet red earth. White added to sky.seascape painting work in progress

Spraying the sea to let it run and colours merge, to resolve it feeling so bitty and to create happy-accident colour mixes.seascape painting work in progress

Added lots more white to the sky, and lighter layers to the sea. This is the point at which I decided I wanted everything to dry completely before continuing.
seascape painting work in progress

Where will I take the painting from here? I don’t know other than the vague “needs quite a bit still” and the aim of sticking to “interesting greys” rather than getting colourful.

seascape painting work in progress

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9 Replies to “Painting-in-Progress Photos: Uig Bay Seascape in Greys”

  1. so interesting to see the whole process… I like the bottom of the middle picture and the top of the last one…will be interested to see the end result… thanks for sharing…

    1. It’s a combination of some colour parameters, a starting point inspiration, see what happens, and just enjoying painting without being overly worried about any one layer, aka making it up as you go along.

    1. Thank you! When I looked at it with fresh eyes the next day I thought it too muted and midtone, so had another go at it and it changed quite a bit!

  2. very cool ! the reds in the foreground remind me of tall grasses and reeds.we have alot of those here. don’t think i;ve seen any in your other landscapes or many oil tankers for that matter either

    1. It’s an unusual colour for me, and one that makes muddy mixes very easily. But by itself I’m increasingly liking it.

      As for oil tankers, here we only see them from a distance passing through the Minch. Biggest ship that comes into Uig Bay is the outer-isles ferry. One day I’ll paint the jerry with the colourful reds and blues of fishing trawlers.

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