Painting Project Photo Gallery: Big Waves

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy looking at these “big wave” paintings from September’s painting project as much as I have. Such energy, such beautiful sea colours.

By Cathi: “I could hear you saying “Stop fiddling!” so here is is before I really spoil it. Acrylic on A3 paper. Just two colours plus white. No prizes for guessing which two.”

From Marion: Such movement and energy to the water!
By Eddie: “This is my attempt in oil 24.5×16.5”. I had no phthalocyanine turquoise and tried one with phthalo blue and cobalt turquoise light but didn’t like it. For this I have used sap green, Payne’s grey and white. I looked at Marion’s suggested tweaks and thought they seemed easy so I went at it with gusto. The painting had other ideas and I’m sure I heard it chuckle. My brushes were wilfully disobedient so I got the palette knife out to quell their rebellion. I applied thicker and thicker paint as the wave morphed from a fringe to a waterfall then to an avalanche in rocky terrain. I scraped it down and, in desperation, decided to look at the photo. The result is probably the best I can do for now.”

From Marion: Some paintings do have too much of a mind of their own, but your result belies your struggle. It’s beautifully painted, with an energy and sense of movement, distance, and that you’ll feel the sea spray on your skin.
By Eddie: “I thought I would try this in pastel as well.13×9.5”.”

From Marion: This gprgeous Eddie! The movement, the light, the colours… I found myself thinking about whether this has worked so well because pastels are so your medium, or because it builds on the work of your previous painting, and ultimately think it’s both.
By Karen: “I used a matte texture paste for the dark sea and the foam and a glossy less stiff paste for the wave. I only used the three colours you suggested — white , phthalo turquoise and Prussian blue — and think they might be my new favourites. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. 12×8 inches. Acrylic”

From Marion: I think you should indeed be pleased! The use of texture paste enhances the sense of movement and energy to the water.
By Bee, watercolour.

From Marion: It’s that combination of abstract rooted in realism that I love so much: my mind jumps joyfully between “it’s a wave” to “it’s a pattern of blues”. There’s an energy to it, enhanced by the splatter of white gouache, which also encourages my eye to move around.
By Bee: “Thanks for your crit, Marion I had already tweaked it before I read it and I think I have improved it. This is the great thing about oils you can keep changing although you can never go back.”

From Marion: Such movement and energy; feeling of sun on the crest of the wave and it casting a shadow. A fabulous painting!

My painting, done a few years ago now (my step-by-step photos are here):

120.x160cm. Acrylic on canvas

I also had a go using watercolour and masking fluid:

Using masking fluid to preserve white in a watercolour painting of a wave

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