Painting Project Photo Gallery: Circles of My Mind

This is one of those projects that seems fairly simple until you get into it and discover how many options the seemingly straightforward set of instructions present. I’ve really enjoyed seeing where this has taken different people and the discussions it’s generated about colour choices, and how the word ‘circles’ influenced the creation of the ‘rock shapes’. My thanks to everyone who’s shared their photo of their paintings for us all to enjoy. (Project instructions here.)

By Claire: “The pale off-white watercolour wash didn’t reveal the scored pebbles satisfactorily so I tried to pick them out with fine pencil line but could only find a few. Otherwise it worked quite well and I finished off with a fude pen for the outlines and white neocolor wax pastels for the top white lines.”
By Sue F: A beginner in watercolour, and really enjoyed doing this exercise. The red paint spatter was a bit of a shock when it happened!
By Sue F: Second attempt, very carefully keeping all the white circles separate.
By Cathi: “First attempt — I think the black lines are too heavy and the white lines (pastel) seem to throw the rest of the picture into the background!”
By Cathi: “Second attempt — here I think the white circles seem to be in conflict with the colour, perhaps because I was trying very hard to make them different shapes and sizes to the rest of the picture.”
By Cathi: “Last one – just love the colours in this one. The white is a fatter white marker I sent of for – my correction marker hardly showed up at all but maybe something in between would work best. Thinner black lines work better.”
By Karen: “Just a 15 minute first attempt, pure escapism. A great way to draw pebbles on a beach. I love the background sand effect. All done with acrylics. At first I thought it was a simple project this month, but it’s not and I’m looking forward to experimenting.”

By Marion: This was my first attempt, which I really like.
By Marion: This was my second attempt, which fell into the category of “trying too hard” and it became rather messy as I diverted away from the project instrustions and tried to resolve it. There are bits I like, and deciding that it was the yellow at the base layer that was problematic I added more white with the thought of it being like sea washing in over the rocks. That didn’t improve things, which is why there isn’t a photo of the ‘final’ painting.

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