Painting Project Photo Gallery: Rain Shower at Thorntonloch Beach

Take yourself back to a long sandy beach with a rain shower on the horizon, to the July’s Painting Project: Rain Shower at Thorntonloch Beach, and enjoy the paintings this inspired:

By Cathi: “First attempt with my new inks and pen (bit of titanium white in there as well because the beach had got too dark!) Quite tricky to blend in! The white strip in the cloud is the shine in the ink where the paper buckled a bit, not the actual colour. It looks OK ‘though.”

From Marion: Far more than merely okay, I’d say! Wonderfully moody and expressive. Only thing I might still do is soften/lighten the black clouds on the right with the thought that clouds typically thin on the edge of a shower.
By Cathi: “Second with my graphite ‘chunks’ — love the different marks you can make just dragging these!”
From Marion: Good choice of paper, with the surface texture. If you want another challenge, try combining this style of drawing with watersoluble graphite or watercolour, to contrast wet/dry mediums in wet/dry parts of the composition.
By Lynn: “My painting went through many changes. I was attracted to the contrast of the dark rocks and light patches of water on the beach in the original photo. It evolved into more green colors and sky. I love color and was especially drawn to the subtle streak of turquoise in the sky. I haven’t painted in a while.. totally enjoying the process. Everything falls away when I’m covered in paint! Thank you for the inspiration.”

From Marion: The gentle touches of blue in the sky really capture that sense of the clearer weather being pushed out by the incoming shower. For me you’ve really captured the sense of the tide having gone out leaving slippery green seaweed amongst the puddles of water and rocks.
By Bee: My first attempt at this.
From Marion: I like the ink work, which feels solid like shore rocks yet simultaneously like water is hiding parts of it as the waves come in.
By Bee: “A further attempt in oil on paper, which I had a fiddle with after your comments, but I am not sure if it is better or worse.”
From Marion: Having a further go with a painting always risks not making things better, but I try to remind myself that it wasn’t working to my satisfaction anyway. I do prefer the colour variation in the sea as you’ve got it now, that it’s less blue, but think the rain shower remains unresolved.
By Eddie: “I did a very stormy sky picture with water-soluble graphite and charcoal then added pastel. I decided it was just too gloomy for me so decided to crop it into a panorama which I like better. But my muse has definitely left the building.”

From Marion: Between the pandemic and Brexit, I think the Muse is hibernating from a lot of us! I like the abstract quality of this painting, how it says so much through the shapes of colour, with the grass in the foreground enticing me up and in, as if I’m about to step over it.
By Eddie: “When the previous painting had been on my easel for two weeks I took it down and, largely from memory, I decided to do a lighter, sunnier version to celebrate the glorious weather we are having.”

From Marion: This painting has a suggestion of a storm that links it to the previous one, but it’s definitely a rain shower blowing away

This was the painting I did from that rainshower, see my blog Fresh off my Easel: Incoming Rain Shower for more photos.

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  1. Thank you! So interesting to see everyone’s paintings. Like life, we all see things a little differently… each beautiful in its own way. 😎.

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