Painting Project: The Little Mouse

A chance encounter is the source of this month’s painting project. I opened the back door and there was a tiny mouse eating the crumbs in the catbowl that’s outside for Fluffy McStranger Cat. It reminded me of a series of children’s books by Monique Felix, which feature a mouse and don’t have any words. The mouse chews its way through the pages in various scenarios; in “The Boat” it uses the piece of paper it’s chewed off to fold an origami boat to sail off into the scene revealed. Now I’ve got some of my own reference photos, my fingers are itching to have a go at painting “the little mouse” , and I hope you’ll join me.

I think it’s a subject that lends itself to all mediums, and it could be rewarding to try it in several: pencil, pen, watercolour acrylic, oil. Perhaps add some background or context, or let it be a portrait against white (or maybe gold?). Lifesize or bigger? Detailed realism or impressionist or stylised? If it were for an illustrated book, you’ll want to be able to repeat it.

Click on a photo for a larger version. There’s a black-and-white version too, eliminating the distraction of colour. This photo from above is the one I’d start with as it eliminates the complications of arms/legs/hands/feet for now.

As always, size and medium are up to you. Email me a photo and I’ll include it in the project gallery.

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