Monthly Painting Projects

Towards the beginning of a month I post the instructions for a new painting project on my blog. Everyone is invited to join in, whatever medium you work in and wherever you are on your painting journey. At the end of the month, I may post a photo gallery of paintings submitted, and I encourage you to share yours too. Participation in this is free. Individual feedback on your project painting and/or help as you create it is available by becoming a Project Subscriber via my Patreon page.

If you’re looking for the Monthly Drawing Word Prompt Charts, you’ll find them here.

JANUARY 2023 Art Project: Form Lines Not Outlines

Painting Project: Sea Texture in Gesso

Portrait of a Dog

Painting Project: Furrow Patterns

Painting Project:: The Same But Different

Getting Resolution Before the New Year: End-of-year Instructions

Painting Project: The Tall Sunflower

Painting Project: Circles of My Mind

Painting Project: Arboreal Abtracts

Painting Project: Rain Shower at Thorntonloch Beach

Painting Project: Palette of a Place

Painting Project: Stormy Camus Mor Bay

Painting Project: Seaweed

Painting Project: Pebble Portraits

Painting Project: Shoreline (In the Style of Van Gogh)

Painting Project: Eggshells (Looking Beyond the Obvious)

Painting Project: A Dark Foreground

Painting Project Orange BuoyPainting Project: Orange Buoy

Painting Project: The Little Mouse

Painting Project: Breaking Wave

Painting Project: Duntulm Shore

Reference photo of daisies for painting projectPainting Project: Daisies

Painting Project: Bluebells

May's painting project: Blocks of AbstractionPainting Project: Blocks of Abstraction

Painting Project: Found Poetry and Visual Poems

Red fishing boat and kreel netsPainting Project: The Red Boat

Trees in Uig woodland, Isle of SkyePainting Project: Woodland Pond

Painting Project: Iona Shore

painting demo Talisker BayPainting Project:: Talisker Bay

drawing ram horns in inkPainting Project: Ram

Painting Project:: Passing Place

Drawing paint tubesPainting Project: Paint Tube

Painting Project Gorse and TreePainting Project: Tree with Gorse

Seaweed covered rocky shore painting project inspiration photoPainting Project: Seaweed Rock Shore

Beach Huts at Findhorn Beach

Painting Project: Beach Huts at Findhorn Beach

Stand of very tall pine trees for painting projectPainting Project: Tall Trees

Portree Harbour, Isle of SkyePainting Project: Portree Harbour

Camus Mor on the Isle of SkyePainting Project: Camus Mor Rocks

Ruined Croft House on Skye with corrugated iron roofPainting Project: Derelict Croft House

Highland Cow painting project referencePainting Project: Highland Cow