Painting’s Now Got a Title!

Edges: Rocky Shore painting by Marion Boddy-Evans
“Beachhead”. Size: 1×1 metre. Acrylic on Canvas.

The inspiration for titles for paintings comes from all sorts of places; sometimes a title even leads to a particular composition (such as “Lambic Pentameter”). In this instance, the comments on my abstracted painting inspired by a rocky shore about it looking like people and war led the in-house art critic to suggest the military term “Beachhead” as a title. Works for me on several levels, and thus this painting now has a title.


5 Replies to “Painting’s Now Got a Title!”

  1. Now I know why I have thought of soldiers and war, Marion. If you search on Google “Marcel Gromaire war” you will understand. He was a painter well known for his impressive manner to depict the throes of The First War. Aligned helmets, severe faces like statues…Mysterious link between two paintings… Art is a subtle alchemy close to psychoanalysis. That is why sometimes I do not want to paint any longer: it is a terrifying nakedness, mentally and sometimes, ideologically. The meaning of a work can outweigh your personal intent; the painting does not belong to you anymore: I do not like that. Feelings, thoughts are suddenly out of control…

    1. Marcel Gromaire… most interesting, thank you Alain!
      By the way, the Imperial War Museum in London has a large collection of war-related paintings. The First World War ones are quite haunting.

    2. We can’t control other people’s thoughts, but through our art we can make them feel and think. If it goes beyond what we think we’ve put into a painting, then so be it. If the artist doesn’t say so directly, then it remains interpretation rather than being a statement of fact.

  2. Suddenly now at 5:18 pm, one word comes from the depths of my being: “beacon”! You are like a beacon surging from the sea, your sea, Minch…. More than than a simple guide. Because each day you force me to… think and find some ideas unknown from me at the time! I am sure Natalya Kalugina agrees. And the other followers too.

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