Passing Place

Passing on the way from the hairdressers?
(For those who haven’t encountered one, the diamond-shaped roadsign indicates a passing place on a single-track road. More modern versions are small white squares with the words “passing place”, which I find aren’t as easy to spot from a distance when driving. This photo was taken on the lower part of the Quiraing Road on the Staffin side.)

Passing place sign with sheep on Isle of Skye

3 Replies to “Passing Place”

  1. Hello Marian, just love that picture really love it. I miss the green. I miss the gentleness. How lovely are those sheep ‘in passing’. Beautiful. Well done.
    I am still beavering away practice every day, long way to go still loving the journey.

  2. I like your photo. The sheeps tell us. One looks at us, the other looks at the beautiful view.

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