Pausing for Bit

Artist Marion Boddy-EvansPaint brushes lie idle;
Paint tubes unopened.

The varnish is dry;
Strings have been strung.
Titles given;

Paintings hung.

The last decision:
which shirt
will distract the most from
the trousers
that have the least paint on them.

Today my Interlude exhibition opens at Skyeworks, the end of a chapter (the making thereof)? and beginning of a new (the response). I’m excited and trepidatious, energised and exhausted, keen to be painting again yet also to reflect on what I’ve just done.

I will still get photos of the paintings onto my website, I will still add the new cards and prints to my webshop, I will still write blogs with photos taken while working on my Interlude paintings, but come this evening, after the opening, I’m going to press pause for a few days. Thank you for your enthusiasm, support and help in making Interlude happen.

My wirework daisy chains against Skyeworks' natural-light roof.
My wirework daisy chains against Skyeworks’ natural-light roof.

3 Replies to “Pausing for Bit”

  1. I hope your ‘Interlude’ exhibition goes better than you dare hope Marion. Good luck

  2. Oh those daisies!!! They work so well I bet they move beautifully as they hang in little rows. You deserve and need a rest. I know I did! Your work looks absolutely gorgeous and I am sure those red stickers will flutter like butterflies. Congratulations!!!! 🙂

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