Photos: August Word Prompt Drawing Charts

From Jerry: “Fun!!”

Word prompts for drawing

From Margaret: “21 thinking is the position I found myself in thinking how to draw thinking. I think my alien 13 and my octopus 7 are related. The animals look a bit grumpy as I was when a found a number 27 deposited in the middle of the front garden last week. Lastly I have no idea why my suitcase 7 is dancing.”

Word prompts for drawing

From Eddie: “Lots of interesting subjects this month.”

Word prompts for drawing

From Tessa:

Lots of interesting drawings! I find myself fascinated that three poodles are facing to the left and one to the right. Dominant hand influence maybe? Thanks for sharing!

Where’s mine? Well it wasn’t in its usual spot in the corner of the table, and I must have scooped it up with something when I was tidying up and sorting out last week, so I’m going to have to go with “the studio cat ate my homework”.

September word prompts chartYou’ll find September’s word-prompt sheet here. Have fun!

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