Photos: Beginner’s Art Class

There’s something incredibly special about someone surprising themselves with what they can do when they start to explore using art materials. It happened again yesterday during an introduction to drawing and painting workshop I did at Skyeworks, for a group of four friends. The day started with pencil and ended up with acrylic via watercolour, water-soluble pencils, black ink applied with a stick and/or brush, working wet onto dry and wet into wet, how to turn a circle into the illusion of a 3D sphere, using feathers and apples as props.

The subject of perhaps doing a regular workshop at Minginish (Portnalong) came up; if you’re interested do let me know by posting a comment below or emailing. I’m thinking it could perhaps be a day’s workshop, with a taught technique/skill session in the morning and working on a personal project in the medium of your choice in the afternoon.

Beginner's Art Class: Ink and Feathers
Exploring black ink, using a stick as a drawing tool and applying it with a brush onto dry and wet paper.
Beginner's Art Class: Watercolour Apples
An apple a day…
Final Paintings: Beginner's Art Class
Trying out acrylic paint on a small 7×5″ canvas.

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