Photos: B&W at Crovie

The sea level path between Gardenstown and Crovie was closed after part of the hillside came down following heavy rain, so it’s been a while since I enjoyed the unfurling of the view as you walk around the corner. Did I keep eyeing the hillside above me even as I reminded myself it hadn’t been raining, not linger as long to admire the colours and bits in the conglomerate rock, walk a little faster? Well, yes, but it was worth it for the reminder of all the paintable possibilities.

Why do I prefer these photos as B&W rather than colour? I’m enjoying how it emphasises shape and pattern without the distraction of colours. The in-house art critic and I both enjoy B&W, though we have wondered if it’s generational because we grew up with B&W photography (and in his case B&W TV) and thus learnt to “see the colour” or “read it”.

2 Replies to “Photos: B&W at Crovie”

  1. Love these Marion! I love black and white photos and quite often take colour photos and save them in black and white to show tonal values!!! Brilliant! Xx

    1. Thanks Jan! Nice to know you’ve also a fan of b&w … I’ll have to think of an exercise with b&w for a future Higham workshop maybe?😁

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