Photos: Twine & Rope

In a landscape, it’s not always about the wide open views, nor even nature.

Orange Crofter's Twine
Crofter's Twine holding fence wire together
Crofter's Twine on fencepost
Pink Crofter's Twine on fence post
Crofter's Twine
Crofter's Twine

Though of course you don’t stop seeing the wide-open views when you’re noticing smaller things, or is a patch of light on the sea a small thing?

Sparkling light on sea at Uig
Overlooking Uig Bay, sunlight breaking through the cloud and glinting on the sea

4 Replies to “Photos: Twine & Rope”

  1. The barbed wire was the first to catch my attention!! Maybe because I ripped open my leg falling through a barbed wire fence as a child?
    still have the scar.

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