Photos: On the North Sea Coast (Part 1)

I spent last week on the ‘other side’ of Scotland, on the North Sea coast, from Findhorn to Aberdour. Looking and sketching, listening to and watching birds and waves, thinking and trying not to think, planning and dreaming, walking along a long sandy beach and sitting at rocky coves, taking photos for possible future painting projects and snaps of many an interesting bit of rocky shore. These photos are a few things that caught my eye.

2 Replies to “Photos: On the North Sea Coast (Part 1)”

  1. What striking images! What a wonderful place! You photograph in a way that I really admire. How can I get a copy of “This path is dangerous.”? Never seen anything like that. Thank you – Will

    1. I’ll email you a copy of my photo Will! The “ok” sign is new since I was there a few years ago.

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