Photos: February Word Prompt Drawings

I’ve once again had such fun looking at the photos of completed February Word Prompt charts. Once again ideas that would never have occurred to me (including cultural reference such as Chase being part of a bank’s name), and the way everyone’s done something that’s different, all from the same starting point.

From Eddie: “It was fun and challenging at times.”

February Word Prompts by Eddie New
by Eddie New

From Jenny:

February Word Prompts by Jenny
by Jenny

From Erika: “This was a tough one. Some days came by easy, others I could not find a picture in my mind whatsoever — but was determined to fill all the blank spaces, eventually!”

February Word Prompts by Erika
by Erika

From Gail: “I really enjoyed this project since this past month is one of the more dismal months of the year around here and I sit around bored out of my gourd trying to get inspired to pick up a brush or a pencil or even think about art. This little project got me going and I?ve managed to draw, paint or experiment artistically every day. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!”

February Word Prompts by Gail
February Word Prompts by Gail

From Juanita:

February Word Prompts by Juanita
by Juanita

From Lynn: “I am a doodler… when I was seeking inspiration, I would doodle along the edges of the sheet… I used colored pens and markers, so it is mostly color. I find it challenging to draw so small and with the pens it isn’t very forgiving, but I didn’t give up or tear it up, so that is good!”

February Word Prompts by Lynn
by Lynn

Thank you all!

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