Photos: In Gardenstown

A few things that caught my eye as I wandered along in Gardenstown, at low tide, this morning.

The gorse has turned the headlands yellow:

Looking towards Crovie

A little beyond a “renovation project”:

At the harbour:

A wider shot putting the above elements into context.

There’s something about creels that make my fingers itch to paint. But would I include the mop?

Edges and transitions:

Green, but not grass:

Red and green:

If you look closely there’s a person that gives a sense of scale

Inevitably, a pebble, or two:

Also inevitably, me happy to be at the sea:

4 Replies to “Photos: In Gardenstown”

    1. It’s red sandstone, very crumbly and coarse-grained rock. Don’t get very many pebbles of it as it’s relatively soft.

  1. Lovely green in that moss, all a wonderous World to me, and a smile at the end. 🙂

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