Photos: Inside York Minster

On my way to Patchings Art Festival, I stopped over in York. As well as visiting my favourite second-hand bookshops, I also went into the Minster. It’s been some years since I was last in a cathedral other than the small one in Inverness with its beautiful wooden interior. A tour was just about to start, so I tagged along, learning a mixture of things about the building and its history, including that it’s reckoned to have the best stained glass in England, and the oldest as it was not destroyed during the Reformation.

York Cathedral
East wing.
York Cathedral Chapter House stained glass
Chapter House (meeting room)
York Cathedral Chapter house ceiling
Looking up in the Chapter House
York Cathedral stained glass
The link to the Chapter House, with a model of how it was built
York Cathedral
Patterns everywhere you look…
York Cathedral floor tiles
Chapter House floor
York Cathedral chairs
Seating and heating vents and shadows
York Cathedral candles
Lots of cathedral visitors, but not many prayers
York Cathedral organ scaffolding
Scaffolding on the organ, which is undergoing a two-year renovation.
York Cathedral temporary organ
The Little Organ That Could … This is the organ standing in for the cathedral’s organ whilst it’s being renovated. It felt like a metaphor about how we should dream big because one day we might just achieve it.

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