Photos: January Project’s Paintings of Talisker Bay

Here’s a photo gallery of paintings done in response to January’s project photo. I suggest you scroll through to enjoy each individually, then back and forth to compare composition decisions, the mark making, the results in similar and different mediums, what you might try yourself and what you wouldn’t.

My thanks to everyone who’s shared their paintings, by email and in the Community Section on my Patreon page. It’s so interesting and inspiring to see what the same starting point inspires in different people, and there are bits in every painting that make me think “what if I…?” (including your gold bling Cathi!).

I’m also pleased to see that my “do several versions” approach seems to be rubbing off, and not only on those people who’ve done face to face workshops with me. Which gives me an excuse for slipping in a mention that my next workshop in the Lake District at Higham Hall is at the beginning of April, and on Skye on 11 & 12 April, info here. Bayberry and I worked together from this reference photo last September in the warmth of Skyeworks Gallery in Portree, when the weather was wild and stormy rather than the more usual mild autumnal.

Last but not least, a reminder that Project Patrons not only get access to exclusive extra material supporting the monthly painting project, plus a short critique of your project painting if you wish. Sign up here. Your support helps keep the studio cats warm and fed, thank you.

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