Photos: July Word Prompt Charts (& August’s Chart to Print)

Are you ready for August’s word prompt chart? You’ll find it here. For inspiration and motivation, here are four completed July charts:

From Karen, who says: “The calendar words make me think outside the box.”
— I love the connection of 19 and 20 through the nursery rhyme!
July 2018 Word Prompts Chart by Karen

From Tessa, who says: ” I?m pleased with the cat. The waiter went pear shaped.”
— The waiter looks like she’s in that precarious moment where you wonder if it’s going to crash (go pear shaped) or be niftily slid onto the table!?
July 2018 Word Prompts Chart by Tessa

From Eddie, who says: “There are some interesting challenges this month which caused some head-scratching but were fun to do.”
— I think 16 is a particularly inspired idea!
July 2018 Word Prompts Chart by Eddie

From Margaret, who says: “Have to admit to a bit of Googleing to help with some of the images — in particular the piranha — well we don’t have any piranhas in Cumbria that I’m aware of. We do have a few standing stones in Cumbria so that one was soon put together. I was stuck on Mum and Dad when my arty pals suggested the male / female symbols and a family tree.”
— I think the family tree idea is an inspired bit of thinking!

July 2018 Word Prompts Chart Margaret

My thanks to everyone for sharing (and do email yours if you haven’t yet). Look forward to seeing what August’s chart brings.

August 2018 Word Prompt Chart

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  1. I like seeing everyone’s different interpretations. We have all done something different for waiting. My waitress had a bit of help from a white posca pen.

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