Photos: Late Afternoon Walk in Uig Woodland

The sun was in that stage on its was towards the horizon when things become golden as I wandered in the Uig Woodland this afternoon. Because the trees don’t have leaves at the moment, a sliver of sun reaches the river by the gate.

The sun’s shimmer on the river made me think of my “Summer Glow” painting which was inspired by this spot and has lots of iridescent paint on it. Time to dig that out again.
Not the rolling stones
When I walked back past these stones the light was even moodier
Rule of thirds
I was mesmerized by the reflections in this puddle, stepping back and forth looking at  all the composition possibilities
I think my favourite is this with lots of the dried stems in the foreground
Looking towards Uig Pier as I walked around to the gate
On my way back; it wasn’t this dark, camera light reading was set on the sun so it silhouettes the foreground

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